"Re: use of Magnesium Phosphate-based Patching Materials and Sodium Silicate-based Sealers…these materials are ideal for surface patching particularly in situations subjected to high moisture conditions and abrasion"
Noel P. Milraganam, Senior Research Officer, NRC - CNRC


"The Barrier ULTRA BOND is the only patch repair product we have encountered that bonds as it claims it should. It is user friendly and reasonably priced to the customer."
Tom Zemlac, President, Zemco Ltd.



"Re: Alkali Activated Deep Penetrating Sealer: We have used this product extensively and highly recommend it"
Walter Kucheran, President, Pre-Con Limited


"Barrier ULTRA GUARD (deep penetrating sealer) applied on one area and not another in the same garage told the tale…"
R. Callander Manager, Inland Concrete Limited.


"North Ridge Development Corporation highly recommends products supplied and installed by Barrier Coatings."
Walter Mah, President, North Ridge Development Corporation