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Structural Repair Mortar



Structural Repair Mortar is an inexpensive, two component, high early strength repair material that is easy to use in the field.

Basic Uses

Structural Repair Mortar is used for all types of concrete repairs. It is used for patching, from shallow feathering to deep pours. It can be poured into forms, it can be troweled vertically and overhead. It can fill cracks or be used as a fast set plug.

Major Advantages

  • Cures rapidly in all weather at all temperatures to form a very hard, tenaciously bonded repair, most applicators can be returned to service in 30 minutes.
  • Non-flammable and has tremendous heat resistance
  • Does not shrink on cure
  • Is stronger than concrete within 2 hours
  • Self-priming - will bond to virtually any construction material
  • Very easy to use. No specific slump requirements and no critical mixing ratios. No sophisticated and expensive surface preparation
  • Non-toxic. Contains no harmful chemicals and cleans up with water
  • Cost-effective - has the performance characteristics of the best polymers at a fraction of the cost
  • Totally waterproof. Resistant to oils, gasoline, salt, UV radiation and acid rain
  • Approved by Agriculture Canada for incidental food contact

Technical Data

Flash Point   None
Compression Strength

2 hours

24 hours

7 days

28 days

3000 psi

3500 psi

5000 psi

7500 psi

Set Time at 20*C 15 minutes
Application Temperature -10*C (with Low Temperature Additive)
Primer   No Primer required
Clean-up Water (before material sets)
Shelf Life   Indefinite if stored away from direct heat