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Over the years, weathered exterior masonry walls have been one of the most challenging maintenance problems for building owners and contractors.  Barrier Coatings uses NEOGARD High-Performance wall coating system that goes beyond the capabilities of ordinary paint.  It combines the decorative qualities of the best acrylic paints with the elasticity and flexibility of high-performance elastomers, resulting in a system that can accommodate thermal expansion and contraction even at very low temperatures.


Neoflex is designed to protect masonry walls by providing a decorative, yet flexible coating system that prevents water intrusion.  By coating exterior wall surfaces with Neoflex, you can bridge existing cracks and prevent moisture intrusion and, therefore, prolong the life of your building.



In addition to the ability to stretch, Neoflex elastomeric wall coatings are applied thicker than normal paints.   The thicker films can bridge cracks and hide surface imperfections better than paints.  Therefore, you get a more uniform surface on stucco and masonry walls, as well as on exterior insulated and finish systems (EIFS).


And Neoflex Lasts and Lasts

Although all elastomeric coatings show more flexibility than most paints, 100 percent acrylic elastomeric wall coatings also offer other qualities.  With Neoflex, you get more resistance to water and dirt, ultraviolet stability and long-term elasticity.  With Neoflex, you get a job that lasts.

And, our Neoflex line of decorative wall coatings comes in 40 standard colors, plus a wide range of custom colors, all of which offer excellent color retention.

And at Barrier Coatings, we believe our products are only as good as their application.  For this reason, our applicators are selected with great care for professional competence and integrity. 


And We Guarantee Neoflex

Barrier Coatings and NEOGARD jointly guarantee completed projects on which our products are installed.  This joint guarantee assures you that we will work together as applicator and manufacturer, not only to perform the job well, but also to solve problems that might occur.


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